-Whole Life

-Term Insurance

-Critical Illness


-Long Term Care

-Medical & Dental

-Visitors to Canada

-Segregated Funds

-Guaranteed Investment Certificates

-Insured Annuities

-Tax free Savings Accounts (TFSA)

-RRSP’S ( Retirement Savings Plan )

-RESP”S (Education Savings Plans)

-LIRA’s, RRIF’S, & Annuities


-Group Pension

-Group RESP

-Employee Benefits

-Key-Person Insurance

-Split Dollar

-Corporate Estate Bond

-Corporate Insured Retirement Program

-Insured Annuities

-Buy Sell Agreements

-Bankruptcy & Creditor Protection through Seg-Funds, and Insurance

-Tax Incentives

Are you new to insurance?

Don't worry, we want you to trust as and build a relationship with our team. We will answer your questions with honesty. We work for you NOT the Insurance Corperations

Why should you be insured?

An insurance policy Assures you that if anything happens you will be looked after providing you have the proper Insurance. Think of it is one big pile of safety cushions that are there for you to fall back onto when you need it.

Are you worried about safety in your policy?

We want you to feel secure with your insurance. We work had to find you the exact fit for your life style. We want you to enjoy NO RISK policys, we would have it no other way.

How do I learn more about insurance?

Our #1 priority is you! Connect with a Falcon Portfolio finacial expert today for a no charge consultation.