A Guaranteed Investment Certificate or GIC is a Canadian investment that offers a guaranteed rate of return over a fixed period of time, most commonly issued by trust companies or banks. Due to its low risk profile, the return is generally less than other investments such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. It is similar to a time or term deposit as known in other countries

Market Growth GICs

Market Growth GICs capitalize on the growth potential of the world's leading stock markets without risking your principal investment. Like traditional GICs, they offer you the peace of mind of 100% principal protection, while taking advantage of the higher return potential of the stock market. If you are looking for an investment solution that will provide you a guaranteed minimum interest return as well as the potential to earn even more, then consider the Security GIC Plus1, one of our Market Growth GICs.

Term Deposit

The rate of return is higher than for savings accounts because the requirement that the deposit be held for a prespecified term gives the bank the ability to invest it in a higher-gain financial product class. However, the return on a time deposit is generally lower than the long-term average of that of investments in riskier products like stocks or bonds.

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